Instead of getting stuck in a pattern of mediocrity, how about being more open to creative date ideas? Today’s society is all about making things simpler and easier for us, which only enables us to be lazier in general. I mean, let’s be honest here, we’re even seeing machines that work your body out for you. Let’s not let our dating life get that way, where we’re so tempted to take the easy way out that we allow someone else to decide for us, or keep going to the same places over and over. Where’s the creativity with that?

Let’s think outside the box and get creative with our date ideas, to truly connect on a more memorable level. When you experience unique and different activities with a partner, your relationship will be that much more well­-rounded and your bond will be that much stronger. Trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone helps your relationship to fully blossom. Here are 7 ways to get creative when you’re dating:

1. Try eliminating food and alcohol from the date plan

Seriously, try it. This will force you to think outside the box. The moment you cut out food and alcohol, you’re inspired to use your creativity gene, especially since most dates revolve around food and booze. Recently, when I was asked what I’d like to do for Valentine’s day, I suggested exactly this, and the response was, “but that’s all I know.” I had something in mind: I was thinking the Cabaret Show on Main Street, just in case he couldn’t think of anything. Watching any sort of live show will always be enjoyable. He did, however, think it would be a good idea to play a series of board games. Genius idea, given I absolutely love board games.

2. Give back to the community together

You’ll always feel good after helping others, and that feel­-good feeling is beneficial for a relationship’s growth. The warm fuzzies you’ll get after a day of volunteering, for example, is a prolonged feeling that’ll be instilled into the rest of your day. Ladies: do you want to be the woman he took out for the typical dinner and drinks with a hefty price tag? Or, would you rather be remembered as the woman he helped the homeless with? Gentlemen: do you want to be that guy she just went to the movies with? Or, would you rather be that selfless guy who played board games with seniors?

3. Create something artistic or imaginative together

For a recent date, I went to a painting class, and it was so much fun to express my artistic side. I actually surprised myself by how artistic I am, and we both achieved a sense of accomplishment when we finished. Similarly, a pottery­ making class or a wood­working class allows you to build or create something together and show off your skills. There might be a DIY project you’ve been wanting to try, or something at home you’ve been meaning to revamp, so why not do that on a date?

4. Do something outdoors

How often do you go on an “active date”? Well, I was thrown into one many moons ago while on a first date with this gym owner / fitness enthusiast. Our first date was a “surprise” fitness hike, the Grouse Grind to be exact. Yes, feel my pain, the Grouse Grind without any mental preparation. I was dying on the inside, and couldn’t walk for days after, but I did the entire thing with him in 57 minutes – with a smile and nothing but drive to not look weak in front of this stud. We saw some stunning views, though, and I did it many times after. It truly does get easier with repetition. Another awesome (but less intense) outdoor adventure is rollerblading together. This will allow you to really soak up what sort of scenery your city has to offer, while getting fresh air and exercise.

5. Face your fears or get out of your comfort zone together

I have definitely had amazing experiences when it comes to adrenaline ­inducing dates that pushed me out of my comfort zone before. I must say, it’s incredibly exhilarating and I highly recommend these types of dates for multiple reasons. The beauty is that each experience is always different, and you’re pushing your own boundaries. Try jumping off a cliff, zip-­lining, bungee jumping or even just going on a very high bridge such as a suspension bridge. Overcoming fear is powerful, especially when it’s with someone special. It’s also nice to get an idea of how someone you’re dating might protect you or care for you in a nerve-racking situation. This does wonders for the relationship dynamic. A connection like no other can be created when you get out of your comfort zone. Afraid of confined spaces? Try an Escape Room – I promise they’re more intriguing than they are scary. Do you have stage fright? Get on stage and sing Karaoke together – it’s time you face those fears. Afraid of the dark? Go to a “blind restaurant”, to experience eating without sight. Scared of heights? Hold each other’s hands while you jump out of a plane. The two of you have now created bonding memories that are different, unique and exciting.

6. Learn something new together

This is definitely something on my SuperDate list. For example, I would absolutely love to learn how to cook a new meal with someone. You’re learning, you’re accomplishing something and you’re tasting delicious food. There’s so much opportunity out there when it comes to dates where you’re learning something. Perhaps you’ll go on a museum tour or to an exhibit to learn all about a particular culture. This would generate flowing conversation because if you’re surrounded with intriguing things to look at, it would be hard not to comment on and, ultimately, discuss. Or, you can learn to dance together. Create the ultimate chemistry by learning to move your bodies in sync.

7. Go on an adventure together

Think about some creative, adventurous activities such as camping under the stars, a guided kayak tour, paddle boarding, a mini road trip, horseback riding, ropes course, white water rafting, corn maze excursion, trek to the closest drive­-in theatre or go fishing to catch your dinner. These types of activities will expand your horizons and get your endorphins so spiked you’ll be smiling for days.