Meet The Team

Sure we’re a dynamic group of entrepreneurs and all that, but more importantly – we’re just like you. We want meaningful relationships for everyone, and we’re passionate about making that happen.

Stevan Perry
Stevan PerryCEO Founder
The Founder of Superdate. Steve has over 18+ years of technology and business development experience. He was the founder of the online dating site Adultmatching which sold in 2006. Steve has also lead energy related business development initiatives throughout his career for fortune 100 companies such as Honeywell and Eaton.
Dominic Stann
Dominic StannVP Product
A creative entrepreneur, who believes he can make a difference. He founded Retail-pond and was the president of M13 Functional Juice. He has a broad and extensive background in brand positioning, e-commerce, customer fulfillment, marketing collateral and product development.
Cyndi Hunter
Cyndi HunterVP Marketing
A marketing executive in the online dating space, Cyndi helped grow Plenty Of Fish prior to its acquisition and has worked for several other dating companies. She knows her stuff! She has also helped brands like Yelp and NBC grow in influence by building both their on and offline communities.
Alex Chan
Alex ChanSocial Media Partner
Alex has over a decade of website development and brand management experience, helping to launch the world’s first 3G network and website in Japan and founding AntiSocial Solutions which has become a leading digital branding agency in Vancouver BC, reaching over 30m people a month online across North America, Europe, and Australia.
Daryl Louie
Daryl LouieSocial Media Partner
Daryl is the Co-Founder and CEO of AntiSocial Media Solutions, a digital marketing agency with offices in Vancouver and Toronto. His team of 30+ handles social media strategy and execution, as an all in-house media production team, website build + SEO optimization, and digital advertising campaign management.
Jeremy Ross
Jeremy RossAdvisor
Venture Capital | Corporate Development | Marketing. Jeremy Ross specializes in raising capital for private and public companies, with a particular focus on mining, energy, renewable energy, alternative energy, technology, bio-technology and bio-medical sectors.
James Petry
James PetryVP of Analytics
James has over 10 years of experience in growing and optimizing all types of digital activity. Most of his career has been spent specializing in digital analytics with a focus on optimization through control testing. He has experience with a wide range of tools, but believes great analysts are defined by their actionable insights.
Stuart R Ross
Stuart R RossCFO
Stuart has assisted public companies listed on the TSX Venture exchange and the NASDAQ exchange for 30 years. He was President / CEO of El Tigre Silver Corporation and a Senior Officer / Director of Clearly Canadian Beverage Corp. Other senior positions held include President, CFO and Executive Vice President in various sectors.